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Larea Kwakye

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Office : 615.724.7870
NMLS : 1588548 | Branch# 4413943
Location : Nashville, TN

NOTE: Also a licensed mortgage loan originator in Alabama and Michigan.

The concept of homeownership means different things to different people. To me, homeownership has always meant safety, security and stability. Because my family owned their own home, I had what you might call an “inner peace” as I grew up. I knew that, no matter where I went or for how long, I could always come back to my family and my home–and I can still do that today. I wanted my daughter to experience that same sense of peace, so my husband and I made it a priority to purchase our own home.

I enjoy talking to people about the things that matter most to them and, due to the career path I have chosen, that talk often centers around owning a home. I was licensed as a realtor in 2010, but eventually realized that I wanted to be in the mortgage industry. As a realtor, I could help people choose a home. But as a mortgage loan originator, I get to help people with the most critical part of buying a home–obtaining financing. This is where the path to homeownership starts, and I feel I can be of greater service to home buyers by being there with them at the beginning to help them make sound financial decisions as I guide them through the loan process.

The mortgage process is the foundation upon which the home-buying process stands. That’s why it’s so important that it’s done right. I draw upon my education, and work and personal experiences to help lay that solid foundation. Whether it’s a purchase or a refinance, my clients come to see me as a trusted friend who takes time to understand their goals and then does everything in her power to help them realize those goals. I treat all of my clients the same way I wish to be treated and, therefore, I am enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service.

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I moved to Nashville in 1998 to attend Fisk University. The experiences this city has provided me thus far have been life-changing. I see Nashville as a family-oriented and stable place in which to live, and I like that there are so many well-established churches, schools, local businesses and solid communities. I suppose I focus on these things because they are a big part of my personal life, as well.

I love God and good fellowship, and listening to classical and soulful music. When I’m not working, I love to take in a good movie, visit quaint coffee spots with friends, go bowling with my husband and daughter, or seek out new adventures around town. I choose to do at least one thing I enjoy every day because I believe that every moment counts. Life is short, after all, and we must enjoy it while we have the opportunity.