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Walton Vaughan III

Email : wvaughan@accuratemtg.com
Cell : 334.524.5324
Office : 256.929.7103
NMLS : 682354 | Branch# 1426902
Location : Huntsville, AL

The people, culture and landscape of Alabama are rooted in my soul. My entire life has been lived in Huntsville or Auburn. Although I’ve traveled well beyond the state’s borders, I’m always happiest back home among my fellow Alabamians. It’s this strong bond I have with the people here that drew me to a career that allows me to be of service to them.

I was born and raised in Huntsville. My roots here can be traced back to 1914, when my great grandfather, Aaron Fleming, settled here and began farming. I grew up in Jones Valley and attended Randolph Elementary. When I was 10, my parents moved our family downtown and I attended Huntsville Middle. I graduated from Huntsville High in 1987. After graduating from Auburn University, I embarked on a 25-year career there as a residential and commercial mortgage lender in a bank/credit-union setting. In the summer of 2017, I married a fourth-generation Huntsvillian, and happily returned to my hometown and a new opportunity at Accurate Mortgage Group.

I have a passion for assisting people in achieving their financial goals through the lending process. My extensive experience in this field has allowed me to fine-tune this passion specifically toward the area of residential mortgage lending. I have found my greatest personal reward in helping others to comfortably obtain and afford the place they call home, while also maintaining their standard of living and building equity at the same time.

I ask my clients a lot of questions, because I never assume I know their wants and needs. Each client is different, so I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, but I do treat my clients like family. It’s a given that every client wants a loan with the lowest rate and quickest close-time possible. That is always my goal for my clients, but making sure the loan is structured correctly and that my clients get the right product to serve their needs is ultimately more important. In my career, I have experienced a multitude of complex lending situations. Dealing with them caused me to develop a keen eye for spotting potential issues, along with an arsenal of ways to avoid or handle them.

Even though Huntsville is on track to become the largest city in Alabama, I love how it still feels like a small community. When I’m not at work, I’m out experiencing all the area has to offer, often times by living vicariously through the lives of my children. Whether we’re participating in a variety of outdoor or recreation-league sports, or just riding around in a pickup truck, it’s wonderful to now see my hometown through their eyes. In addition, my wife and I enjoy socializing, cooking and going to see live music. It doesn’t take much to get us out and about around town, and wherever we end up is exactly where I want to be.