Mortgage Loan Advisor, Forrest Bradford
SFC Forrest Bradford (Ret.)
Sr. Mortgage Loan Advisor

NMLS #1613423


Branch Location: Smyrna, TN
Branch NMLS: 1690170


Call: 615.724.7864

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My whole life has been focused on improving myself and the lives of others. My siblings and I were put in foster care in Richmond, CA, when I was in the fifth grade. By following my big sister Letitia’s example, I learned early how to fend for myself and how to work hard. From cutting grass and working a paper route to getting my first “real” job at Footlocker and then entering the military, my work ethic and unwillingness to fail has opened many doors and helped me to secure a more successful station in life. 


The U.S. Army brought me to Ft. Campbell, KY, in 1992. After getting out in the late 90’s, I played some college and semi-pro football, and was a top-producing mortgage loan originator at a lender in Nashville. Soon after September 11, 2001, I was called up with the National Guard and sent to Iraq. Since leaving active duty for the second time in 2006, I have also worked for federal law enforcement and have spent 12 years as a recruiter for the Tennessee National Guard. As you can imagine, these career choices came with many ups and downs. Through it all, it was the fact that I could do something to help improve the lives of others that provided the greatest reward and sense of accomplishment for me.


I am happy to be back in the mortgage industry and I continue to draw upon everything I’ve learned thus far. I’ve spent decades motivating others to achieve things they never thought possible, and I see home ownership and responsible home financing as one more way to help others achieve their dreams of feeling safe and secure.


I act as an advisor to my clients, laying out all of their options at the beginning of the loan process, staying in constant contact with them throughout the process, alleviating any stress along the way and building a relationship with them that will continue long after their loan has closed. I always keep my clients’ best interests at heart, and that includes being completely honest with what their financial situation will allow us to accomplish in fulfilling their home purchasing or refinancing needs.


As an Army veteran, I have an understanding many other mortgage loan originators lack when it comes to quickly deciphering military documents and navigating the necessary military systems used in processing a VA loan. That said, my clients come from all walks of life, are all treated with the utmost integrity and their loans are all given the same attention to detail.


There are many things in my life of which I am proud. My family and my Bronze Star Medal awarded during my military service rank at the top, though. I have lived in and around the Nashville area since the military first brought me to the Southeast. I believe the people here are some of the nicest of anywhere I’ve ever traveled and I’m proud to have been in service to them in one way or another for the past 23+ years. When I’m not at work, I’m either enjoying my family, at the gym, tinkering on my cars or plotting my next collectible sneaker or toy acquisition. I might be a tough guy, but I’m also a kid at heart.  


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