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Buying a Home Checklist

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In order to qualify for the Purchase Priority Program, please submit the following documents with the final accepted purchase contract:

Fully completed application

  • Fully executed contact
  • Completed loan application
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Signed “Borrowers Certification Form”
  • Signed Credit Card Authorization for Appraisal

Income Information

  • 30 days pay stubs from all jobs/borrowers
  • 2 most recent filed Federal Tax Returns 1040’s (all pages, all schedules)
  • 2 most recent W-2’s
  • Fixed income (Social Security / Retirement / Pension) – most recent award letters and 1099’s if applicable

Asset Information

  • 2 most recent asset statements for checking, savings, 401(k) etc.
    • Must be ALL PAGES, even if the page is blank.
    • CANNOT be internet web page summaries.
    • MUST be an actual statement with name and account number on it

Self Employment Business Information

  • Last 2 years’ complete federal tax returns, both personal and business


All checklist items must be received within 24 hours of AHL receiving the completed sales contract.

All loan disclosures must be signed and returned to AHL within 48 hours of receipt.

Purchase Priority Checklist items must be received 20 days prior to the contract close date to qualify for the Purchase Priority Program.