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First-Time Homebuyer: Tips and Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision


Being a first-time homebuyer can be a stressful experience. At Accurate Mortgage Group, we help to relieve that stress in a number of ways but the biggest is that you will work with the same mortgage loan originator from application to closing. This person can answer any questions you may have and take all the guesswork out of the process, leaving you feeling sure you have the best loan option for your particular situation.

Here are some things to think about as you start the search for your dream home:

  1. How long do you plan on being in the home? If it’s for three to five years, are there things in the area that will affect the value of the property by then?
  2. Are there major repairs that you should plan for in the next couple of years (a new roof, HVAC unit, etc)?
  3. How close are you to schools, shopping and activities that you do often?
  4. Is the traffic flow into and out of the neighborhood good?
  5. What are the taxes on the property annually? Should you include those in your escrow account or pay directly each year?
  6. What are utility costs expected to be?
  7. How long have the current owners been in the home? Why are they selling? If an inspection was done when they moved in, ask to see a list of repairs that had to be completed.
  8. What are comparable homes in the area selling for?