Why Work With Accurate Mortgage Group?

September 12th, 2019

For starters, it helps that the same two guys, Mike Hoover and Joe Stanford, have worked together since 2001, and are still leading the Accurate Mortgage Group to this day. Mike and Joe have seen it all in regard to the mortgage industry. Their willingness to innovate continues to benefit all of their team members, some who have been with Accurate Mortgage for more than a decade.

Averaging nearly 1.5 operational staff members (managers, loan partners, processors, marketing coordinators, etc.) per loan advisor is just one of the many reasons why our production numbers are through the roof this year. Lower rates help, of course, but having a robust operations team in place allows our loan advisors to be out cultivating relationships with referral partners, rather than being bogged down with the minutiae of the loan process. Our “special ops” team is a big part of why we’ve been able to close more loans with a smaller, more select group of loan advisors.

By the way, we don’t limit our focus to just one avenue of business. We close repeat customers, past-customer referrals, radio ad-inspired call-ins, social media leads and a LOT of realtor purchase referrals. While we by no means try to serve the entire gamut of possible clientele looking for home financing, our goal is to help as many people as possible allowed by our underwriters’ scope of services.

Now, what about marketing? We like to free our team up from marketing worries so they can focus on growing their book of business. From extensive radio buys and a state-of-the-art CRM system (Surefire 3) to an in-house marketing director, social media manager and marketing coordinators for high-producing teams, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in marketing costs alone to support about 20 loan advisors. We hope to see that grow.

All of the items previously mentioned are part of what has helped us enjoy an explosion in production in 2019. As an example, our division will average eight closings per loan advisor in September, and three loan advisors in our Nashville branch alone will close more than 20 units each.

Whether it’s the free coaching opportunities, family-focused work environment, incentive trips or any other of the many benefits Mike, Joe and Acopia have put into place, something special is happening at Accurate Mortgage Group and we’re looking for other like-minded people who’d like to be a part of it with us.

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