Zach and his team are extremely helpful and easy to work with. Definitely recommend!
Tyler D
Zach and his team are extremely professional and east to work with. The user-friendly portal was simple to use and a time saver. The team was exceptional as they kept me updated throughout the entire process. The hybrid-closing was smooth and efficient. My experience was outstanding.
Diane L
This was the best experience that I can truly say was a blessing from God. Zach Spencer worked tirelessly to get the loan that I was needing and deserving of. His team demonstrated the true definition of COMMUNICATION. They never showed that it was about them, but everything was done according to my family’s needs and desires. When I say “PERSISTENT”, it is not an over exaggeration or an understatement. Zach showed that and more. If you’re looking for a lender, this would definitely be my recommendation. Watch and see what Zach and his team can/will do for you!
Tyrone C
Zach and team kept us informed and updated every step on the way to purchasing a home. Highly recommend!
Theresa N
Great experience! Zach and the team were great and made the experience of refinancing our home stress free.
Dawn A
Excellent service. The entire team was great. Kept us in the loop and up to date on any changes or issues. very friendly and professional and very short time to close. Best of all – everything was done on line or in our home. No need to take time off from work to sign papers or close!g done. Excellent!!!
April H
I have always enjoyed working with Zach Spencer and his team at Accurate Mortgage. They are engaged, efficient, and effective in getting your loan approved and the closing done. Excellent!!!
Was the easiest 1/4 of a million dollars I ever spent! We felt like we were making the right decision the whole way! Thanks Accurate!
I had an excellent experience and got a great great rate. Their staff is on the ball, and are very specific about what’s required at every point in the process. Friendly, professional, and competent. Highly Recommend
If your looking for a very honest and professional approach to refinancing your mortgage, then please contact Zach and his team. This team has your best interest front and center. They are not just in the business of refinancing your mortgage,they are in the business of doing what’s best for your family. Thx again Zach, hope to meet up with after retirement!
The Team of people here come together and make the process so easy. Absolutely nothing was stressful about this. Even after the fact, they have answered questions.
Second time using Accurate Mortgage. GReat group to work with. Thanks, Zach, Nicole and everyone else!
I got exactly what I was told and [all was] professionally handled throughout the whole process. 
Sean & Christine
Friendly, efficient and always professional!
Accurate Mortgage Group made purchasing our home a breeze. We decided to go with them again for our refinancing and it couldn’t have been easier! Zach and his team are amazing, super friendly, and very proactive for their clients.
They made the process as easy as possible. Everything was done quickly and they hide nothing from you. 
You probably heard that loan refinances are in HIGH demand due to the record low interest rates. You probably heard it will take 3 – 6 months to complete. Apparently, these guys never got the memo! They processed and closed this loan in less than 30 days. Enough said. The team is intentional and they know what they are doing. I highly recommend. I’m a repeat customer but the excellent service standard has not changed since I worked with them the first time. It has just gotten better! Well done! Ask for Team Zach.
Zach Spencer and his team did an outstanding job on getting everything taken care of for my mortgage on my new home. They were always available when I needed them and they always got back with me very quickly on any questions I had. I appreciated them keeping me updated on a weekly basis on the status of my loan. I would definitely recommend anyone to use them for your mortgage needs.
Great rate, closing costs. EXCEPTIONAL processing and customer service. Only one month to close. 
Everything was quick and easy and accurate. No issues at all. 
I would like to say, “Thank you,” to the Accurate Mortgage Murfreesboro Team of Zach Spencer, Nicole Kennedy and Jennifer Adams for making my refi a complete breeze. These people are the best to work with and I would highly recommend them for your refi or new home purchase.
I have been very pleased with their services and have recommended Accurate Mortgage to several friends.
They make the process very easy. They keep you updated throughout and will send a notary to your house so you can sign the closing papers. That makes it even more convenient. Zach Spencer and his team in Murfreesboro is awesome to work with. I highly recommend them if you need a mortgage loan.
This is the second time I’ve been able to utilize Accurate Mortgage. Zach and team delivered exceptionally each time and I’d absolutely use them again. Thanks!
Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone I know!
The team at Accurate Mortgage Group is great to work with. They all went above and beyond to make this process as smooth as possible for me.
Some of the best customer service I have ever received! Extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly staff. My many questions were always answered promptly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ACCURATE MORTGAGE GROUP!
Everyone we worked with was wonderful. Zach and his team were always available any time we needed them. They walked with us the whole way through and made sure we understood each step in the process. I could not recommend them enough and we will for sure use them again on our next go round.
Everyone here was very approachable and had really great attitudes…I have used them before when purchasing my first home and I knew I came back to the right place when purchasing my second. Very quick and hassle-free loan process, and made options easily accessible.
Zach and his team were a pleasure to work with, made things simple, and will be using them when we need them again.
I can’t begin to say enough about the great experience I had at Accurate Mortgage in Murfreesboro! I live in Nashville and, although they’re about 9 hours away with this traffic (lol), they made everything convenient for me. I was able to close 5 mins from work, and everything else was done electronically or over the phone. Zach, Jill, Nicole and Kaliesha were prompt, kind, knowledgeable and incredibly patient with all of my questions! The idea of refinancing was one that was a little scary for me, but this team helped to keep me informed and assured me that I was making the right decision for ME! Definitely don’t be scared to ask anything, and they will be honest and give you the best advice for your personal situation. Thanks to this amazing crew, I’m starting 2020 off in a much better place financially, and am looking forward to tackling some long-term homeowner goals! So run, don’t walk, to see these amazing people!
Zach and his team are amazing to work with! Always available and very friendly! They make the “task” of homebuying as easy and exciting as it possible can be! Give Zach and his team a call today!
I recommend Accurate Mortgage to everyone! They will do whatever needs to be done to help you get through the process of a home mortgage or a refinance.
Zach and his team were Awesome. I was just checking to see if I can get a lower interest rate, which I ultimately did and also saved $300+ per month after my refinance. Very professional and easy to work with. Worked with me to coordinate the signing of the papers at my home because I was just released from the hospital the day before closing. Thank you, Zach and your entire team!!
Had a great experience with Zach and his crew. We had initially sought out refinancing last year. Zach, politely, but consistently, pursued our business every month, just checking in. Eventually, we pulled the trigger to refi and could not be happier. Jill and Nicole were great at helping every step of the way. Saved 5 years off the mortgage, 1% and $400/month. Happy to have switched to Accurate Mortgage.
– David, 10/7/19
This was our second time using Accurate for a reason. Zach Spencer & Jill Barton were a pleasure to work with as always. This last closing was a pain with a lot of hoops to jump through in a short amount of time but they stuck with us and got the job done well before our deadline.
– Blake, 10/3/19
At least my third time using Accurate Mortgage. And they come through every time. Fast closing, everything was as quoted, couldn’t have been easier. Will use again!!!
– Steve, 10/2/19
The best experience ever!!!!
– Dena, 10/2/19
Accurate Mortgage made refinancing my home a lot faster and easier than I ever thought possible. I was expecting a big headache and to regret it halfway through, but they gave me the complete opposite. Every conversation was equally laughter and work. They were interested in helping me with what I wanted done and not trying to force me into something else. They were very patient in explaining every step of the process to make sure I was comfortable before we moved on. I highly recommend Accurate Mortgage to anyone wanting to buy or refinance like I did.
– Anthony, 10/1/19
We had heard great things about them for years and, when the time came, stopped in and were very impressed from the very beginning. They really went the extra mile with excellent service all the way through. Fast approval and closed within a few weeks. Jill, Zach and Nicole were awesome. Would definitely recommend!
– Richard, 9/30/19
Zach, Jill & Nicole made my home loan process smooth and easy! Would definitely use them again!
– B., 9/17/19
Zach and the team at Accurate Mortgage are always on top of the process and make it easy to refinance
– Chris, 8/28/19
Very patient with someone who had not been through a mortgage process in quite some time. Underwriting requirements are frustrating but that may be the case with all companies.
– John, 8/22/19
Best experience. Very easy folks to talk to and deal with. I highly recommend Zach Spencer and his team at Accurate Mortgage in Murfreesboro. I refinanced my home and was able to pay off some high credit-card debt. Thanks to them for showing me how to do that.
– Lisa, 8/21/19
Very good people. I found them trustworthy.
– Robert, 7/30/19
I must say that my experience with Zach and his team was outstanding! Because of his insight, he helped me determine the benefits for a refi and, within 45 days, we closed! I’m set up to pay off all of my credit card debts and have money leftover to do some needed home improvements. Zach helped me with my last Streamline refinance and he has remained in touch with me regularly for the past 10 years. He has a tremendous approach with people and his soft skills are amazing! He has always made me feel special, just like family, and I will continue to utilize his services and recommend anyone needing mortgage assistance to Zach Spencer at Accurate Mortgage!
– Kristie, 7/29/19
Zach Spencer and his team were amazing people to work with during our home refinance process. We have worked with Zach on several occasions and will continue to do so.
– Tim, 7/29/19
Zach and his team are wonderful to work with! Very smooth experience!!
– Rhett, 7/1/19
Zach and his team were so patient and provided superior assistance throughout our financing process! 
– Krista, 5/16/19
Accurate Mortgage and Zach Spencer’s team worked hard to get me the best deal for my refinance as possible. The portal for file uploads worked flawlessly and made the process quick and easy. Jill Barton helped with the nuances of underwriting, getting me quickly through the few bumps in the process. Thanks, everyone, for such a great process. Highly recommended.
– MtnsOMadness, 5/15/19
Zach, Jill, Nicole and team, thank you for your professional work, for your patience and your attention to me as a first-time homebuyer. I really appreciate it.
– Anna, 5/14/19
It was a very good experience. Good folks to work with.
– Mark, 4/17/19
Team Spencer of Accurate Mortgage was GREAT! They are friendly and helpful and walked us through the whole process. Thank you, Zach and Jill, for all your help!
– Chance, 4/10/19
We were happy with the quality and service we received from Zach and his staff while working through the process of buying our new home. We really appreciate all the hard work they did to make it happen for us. We highly recommend you use them when you are looking for financing!! Thanks, Zach.
– Frank, 3/5/19
Zach’s team was very efficient with getting my loan close. I’m self-employed and most companies are hard to deal with when they find this out. Highly recommend Accurate Mortgage and Zach Spencer.
– Brian, 3/1/19
Zach Spencer and his team were amazing people to work with during our home-buying process. They were quick to respond, explained everything very well and are genuinely nice people to have by your side during a huge life event.
– Cameron, 3/1/19
I had tried several companies to get my home refinanced. Everyone said, “We can’t help you.” Then, my oldest son suggested Accurate Mortgage Group. Zach Spencer looked at my information and said, “This is what I can do.” I was very doubtful he would truly be able to help me. But, from day one, Zach and his team hit the ground running! I was well-informed and kept up to date on every step of the process. Even when things seemed to be at a standstill, I didn’t know much about the process, the team or Zach would call or text to let me know where things were. This group is the very best of the best! They are hard working and very knowledgeable and really care about the people they are working for, you! They are doing everything they can to make your life better for you and your family. I never felt like I was a job, a number or annoying them. Any and all doubts and questions were addressed quickly without being made to feel like it was something I should’ve already known. If you are considering a refinance or buying a home, Zach Spencer’s team should be your first call! Because it is the only call you will need to make. They are great!
– S. Craven, 2/22/19
I have used Accurate (Zach) for my last two mortgages and it went great! The gov’t makes the process a nightmare, but they stay on top of it so well, it made it seamless for me. Great trustworthy people there and I highly recommend them, and feel confident to do so because I have done do to several co-workers and all have been highly satisfied too.
– Matt, 10/12/18
Thank you for keeping us informed with every step and always being available when we had questions!
– Hoa, 8/14/18
Awesome crew. Great experience. Updated throughout the whole process. Great group, especially Zach Spencer, turns the foreign language of home loans into layman’s terms. Highly recommend.
– Garrett, 8/8/18
Zach and his entire team at Accurate were a total pleasure to work with. They were available around the clock whenever I needed them and made the entire process of purchasing my home simple and smooth. Can’t thank them enough for all their help!
– Joseph, 6/14/18
Zach was helpful and communicated very well regarding the process and loan. The mobile closing was a really great option.
– Jennifer, 6/6/18
Thank you, Zach. You and your team were wonderful to work with. A refreshing change from the last time I bought a home. We will refer you to our friends.
– Ron & Deana, 5/1/18
Zach Spencer and his team were amazing. They were easy to contact and kept all parties in the loop on what was going on. Even though we have found our forever home, when someone needs a mortgage lender, Zach will be the first name that come to mind.
– Matthew, 4/25/18
Easy to deal with and excellent turn around time. They explained everything to us and had us ready to close before the big day. Highly recommend accurate mortgage.
– zuser37122, 12/19/17
Just the right amount of contact to keep things moving along. My lender provided great explanations of the process along the way. Great team and would highly recommend. Exceeded expectations!!!
– Judy, 10/27/17
Zach Jordan and the team were professional and went above and beyond. Highly recommend for anyone looking for financing and professional working relationship.
– rcook, 10/5/17
Zach and his team are amazing! Excellent communication throughout the entire process and was able to get us closing on our new home in 3 weeks. I would highly recommend and will use again.
– erhoto515, 10/3/17
They were wonderful to work with. Made everything very easy for us. Very helpful and informative. Answered any questions. Stayed right on top of everything to make sure it was running smoothly and on time.
– mahb, 9/28/17
Zach pulled it off! We wanted to close by a certain day and they did it. They are awesome. We were a repeat customer and would use them again. Love them!
– user77789, 8/15/17
Zach Spencer and his team at Accurate Mortgage were amazing! In July of 2015 we bought our first home with Zach and this past June he called us out of the blue suggesting we refinance our home. With only living in our house for 2 years we thought there was no way we could save money yet or have much equity. Surprisingly, we saved 1% on our interest rate and we dropped our 30 year term to a 15 year! We are so happy with our new mortgage and are so grateful Zach recommended the refinance. Thanks again, Zach — the refinance process went perfect and we appreciate all of your help! 🙂 5 stars for you and your team!
– user81455, 8/11/17
Zach Spencer is great to work with; he made the mortgage process easy. Each step was thoroughly explained, and he was always open to questions. He is very personable, great at communicating and very good at his job. I highly recommend Zach to anyone who is looking for a mortgage lender.
– dfhape1, 8/5/17
From application to closing, Zach’s team was organized, professional and friendly. This was as stress free as getting a mortgage could possibly be. If we had a question, we never waited longer than 5 minutes for an answer. You can tell in every aspect of their business they truly care about their customers. That’s rare today. I can not recommend them highly enough.
– zuser201703, 5/12/17
Working with Zach and his team was a very good experience I would recommend them to anybody that wants to refinance their house or buy a new house it was great working with them they were on time and we closed before we had expected with no problems. Even getting the information to them they made it very easy they accommodated us on everything.
– shimak63, 4/28/17
This is our second time working with Zach when purchasing a home and I cannot express enough how wonderful and professional he is. We are so appreciative of his help in both of our home buying experiences.
– zuser20140225, 4/26/17
I would highly recommend Zach and his team! Very professional & ethical. My loan was difficult and he made everything work great. Helped with several things above and beyond the loan process, with my realtor. The team was helpful and easy to work with. Definitely the Best experience I’ve had when purchasing a home and this is my third time. Thank You, Zach for all your hard work and my family is very thankful that you made the process smooth for the loan on our “forever” home!
– Jones, 4/24/17
Zach helped us through the mortgage process on our first home. He was easy to work with and kept us well informed during the entire process. We were able to close quickly and lock in a good rate. Zach is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.
– Zach, 3/9/17
Zach helped us secure a loan with a great rate about three and an half years ago. The process worked out smoothly, so we naturally called upon him again. He is great about making sure one has their ducks in a row so there are no hitches or delays. Being that we were self-employed, proper documentation was very important. This time around, he was very patient with us as we navigated the waters between selling one place and deciding wether to buy a new house, sell our investment property, or refinance our investment property. It took us months to decide and he advised us on the benefits and caveats of each scenario all along. Once we were ready to act, we enjoyed a swift conclusion and a well timed rate lock. Thanks Zach!
– contact2363, 2/7/17
This was the second time to work with Zach. I was very appreciative when Zach worked with my time schedule constraints. I was always informed on the progress through text, email and when needed a phone call. A very professional team handled the refinance and the process was made very easy and nearly stress free.
– dslovison, 2/4/17
Zach was great in all aspects during the entire loan process. A true pleasure to work with! I would recommend him to anyone without reservation. Thanks.
– Biton, 1/30/17
Zach did an amazing job with helping us on our refinance. He kept my wife and I in the loop as to how our refinance loan was progressing and made sure we understood what was happening. He even to a call from me on a Sunday afternoon to answer a question.
– Lance, 1/19/17
This is our second time working with Zach at Accurate Mortgage and it was every bit as smooth and uneventful (that’s a good thing!) process as any homebuyer could pray for! Even our closing attorney praised how great Zach was to work with! One of the best things is that Zach keeps everyone in the loop with weekly status updates so no one is left wondering what the next steps are! Now that we’ve bought our home and won’t be working with Zach again in the very near future, you better believe that I’ll be sending our friends and family his way. Thanks for everything, Zach!
– Katie, 1/14/17
From the get-go Zach did a GREAT job keeping me informed and up-to-date with the whole process. I do not think that they could have done anything any better then they did. It actually made my experience easy, and was a pleasure to work with them. I HIGHLY recommend giving Accurate Mortgage Group a chance. They will not disappoint you.
– Gene, 12/21/16
Zach was with us every step of the way and he was in constant contact with us throughout the whole process. Got us closed in about three weeks in this crazy market. Will recommend anyone to him.
– user25500, 12/14/16
Zach could not have been better! I was not an easy client, and a lot of work went into getting my credit in order. He worked with me for over 2 years, helping along the way. Highly recommended!
– Chase, 12/14/16
Zach and his team have been a pleasure to work with.  They are very responsive calls and emails and will go the extra mile to help their clients.  They are thoughtful, friendly, and professional.  They know how to make things happen in a timely manner.
I had some unique circumstances and Zach and his team welcomed my questions and treated my changes in plans and ideas with patience, respect, and understanding, and even brainstormed solutions to problems with me.  Zach did this even when there was a chance of cash financing or giving up on the whole idea of moving at this time, even after he and his team had cleared us to close and stood to lose any hope of compensation for their work.  They even offered help and guidance when the mortgage company for our buyers was not giving the specific feedback necessary to make important decisions, and Zach was the one to discover that team was running drastically behind, when the realtors on that side of the deal were saying everything was going according to schedule.
Zach’s team had us to cleared to close by our original closing date even though they had two fewer weeks than our buyers’ company which needed to ask for a three week contract extension.  We received at least weekly specific updates from Zach. We were given a detailed list of everything needed from us, a time frame for it to be turned in if we wanted to be on time for closing, and help in acquiring what was needed.  Thankfully, Zach also thought ahead to lock in our interest rate for longer which allows us the three weeks extra that we ended up needing.
I highly recommend Zach Spencer and his associates at Accurate Mortgage.
– fairlanefam, 11/23/16
I was not in the market for a refinance but was instead attending a local event. Zach had a table set up at the event and we chatted briefly. He was very friendly and not at all pushy about mortgages. I took his card and called him a few days later. I was in a higher-rate mortgage at the time and he offered me savings of more than $200 a month! The process was quite easy; not at all the “refi horror story” that I had heard about with other lenders. Zach and his team were very professional and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. I felt very comfortable with the process and was able to close in only a few weeks. Luke, Zach’s loan processor, was also very friendly and professional. I feel very lucky to have met Zach and am very happy with the terms of my new loan. I would highly recommend that anyone contact this team without hesitation!
– mantora1, 11/16/16
Would definitely recommend Zach for all mortgage needs. Zach explained everything so well and walked us through the entire process step by step. We always knew where things stood and Zach was always quickly available to answer any of our questions. Thank you again Zach!
– mlhogan, 11/10/16
Zach is a consummate professional. He was very communicative with every step of the process and very patient with me. His dedication to making sure the process was as smooth as possible was noticed and greatly appreciated. He’s a top performer and have already recommended him to a co-worker.
– crawf9870, 11/8/16
I am familiar with the process so there wasn’t a lot to explain but he explained well anything I needed to know. Nothing could have been done better.
– ssbrown5, 11/2/16
Zach made the process of refinancing my home mortgage as seamless as possible. There were no unexpected surprises throughout as he laid out all of my options upfront and outlined each new step in detail. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner and most were addressed before I had a chance to ask them. Zach was pleasant, professional and personable from beginning to end. Frankly, I expected this to be much more complicated and was happily surprised with how quick and painless it turned out to be. I would recommend Zach and Accurate Mortgage to anyone. Great experience!!
– princesscando, 10/31/16
We are so thankful we had the opportunity to work with Zach buying our first home. He made the process as stress free as possible. He was professional, patient, and very knowledgable. He always made sure we were in the know during each stage of the process. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning on purchasing a home.
– zuser201512, 10/12/16
Zach was great to work with, he made the process as effortless as possible and explained everything along the way. He stayed on top of every detail and made sure we got everything done on time to meet our closing goal.
– Bonnie, 9/19/16
Quick responses and very helpful with explanations on how the process works. Even when we had a question about our rate, they worked with us to get it even lower.
– Tyler, 9/19/16
We used Zach after shopping around with different lenders. We decided to go with him because he was always fast to respond and helped me really understand the process. I had recently taken a new job and some people made it seem that it’d be difficult to get approval, but Zach worked with me to make sure it happened.Was always quick to answer my questions and followed up with me to keep me posted throughout the process. If you want someone who will make you feel comfortable and make your situation work Zach is the guy.
– Mark, 9/8/16
Zach definitely talked me off the ledge at least once or twice throughout the home buying and mortgage process. Using an unknown title company, their estimates were slightly more than what Zach had quoted me. He promised that everything would work out and what he quoted me would be what I paid and nothing more. He was right! I don’t know how but he worked his magic and everything come out perfectly. Zach always called me back quickly and if he didn’t get an answer he would text me to make sure I was on the same page and not freaking out. Thanks to him the loan was the least painful thing!
– Heather, 7/12/16
Zach was always available and quick with responses. He provided options that other companies did not even mention. Very professional. I would definitely go to him in the future.
– giohub, 7/9/16
My second closing with Zach Spencer, I can not say enough about him and his company/team.. He just make’s a stressful situation for a home owner to be at ease and I knew he would again.. We have hopefully one last time one last move for us to find our retirement home and guaranteed I’m calling Zach!!!
– Austin, 7/7/16
Zach was extremely professional during every step of the refinance process. He was very responsive to every email and voce mail and even changed the original Title company when they would not acknowledge the details of a court order involving my property and demanded additional paperwork. I would HIGHLY recommend Zach for any and all of your mortgage needs.
– Ashzilla, 7/5/16
Zach was very professional and efficient. Very responsive to questions and concerns. Pro-active in getting issues resolved and very involved with the entire process. He was even present at the closing! I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. Very pleased with the customer service that both Zach and his team provided.
– dfrey, 6/14/16
Zach was great throughout the whole process. He was very attentive and helpful every step of the way and constantly kept us informed throughout each step.We never had any issues with the loan process and we were always ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Zach and will most certainly use him again next time around.
– zuser201403, 5/20/16
We started trying to refinance our 5%, 30-yr mortgage about 3 years ago. The market wasn’t great, and so our appraisal came in way too low to make it happen. Zach was open and honest about our situation and options. We were able to stop the process before it cost us anything.Flash forward to today, and the market has rebounded. We went back to Zach and Accurate Mortgage because of how he had treated us before. This time, our appraisal came in strong. Zach helped us look at all the options available, even some that might not have worked for others, but were best for us. We reduced our rate, went to a 15 yr. and are otherwise out of debt. Zestimate isn’t always close, but currently it’s within $1K of the appraisal. Zach is great!
– Jud, 5/19/16
Zach was great to work with and knows his stuff. Every time I needed to get a hold of him he was very accessible. We even had a more unique situation where we had to close out of town with a notary because of a scheduling conflict and it was no problem as all. You absolutely can’t go wrong using him.
– Matt, 4/19/16
Zach came as a recommendation from our real estate agent when we found a house we wanted to make an offer on and needed to get pre-approved immediately on a Saturday. Zach took our application over the phone and got us pre-approved in a few hours so that we could confidently make an offer. Our offer didn’t end up getting chosen by the sellers, so we changed directions and Zach helped me and my husband refinance our current home. The process was smooth and we will definitely work with Zach again in the future!
– Katie, 3/9/16
We had a great experience with Zach and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again! He made it painless and easy. One thing I appreciated the most is that he was one step ahead of the game the whole time and everything went off without a hitch or hiccup. He was thorough and quick with his response to every question I had and made everything easy to understand! Thank you for making this an enjoyable and rewarding experience!! We love our new house!!
– Millers, 2/24/16
Zach was extremely helpful and professional. He answered all questions I had in a very timely manner and always kept me informed on what was going on. I ultimately chose him because he was local, but even the closing costs were cheaper than anywhere else I found. I highly recommend!
– jobaldone, 2/12/16
Zach provides great customer service and is very helpful to assist throughout the whole process. Each time I sent an email or text to him he was always quick to respond. He is knowledgeable in what he does. I would definitely recommend Zach Spencer to do a mortgage or refinance loan for you.
– rdchambers5, 2/12/16
Zach is very thorough and kept me updated during the entire process. Buying a home can be very stressful but Zach ensured my process was carefree! I highly recommend him!
– Amber, 1/21/16
Working with Zach on our loan was a pleasure. He was always quick to respond to our needs and was knowledgable in his answers to the questions we had. Our loan was processed quickly and our closing was a breeze with no surprises. I would work with Zach again and highly recommend.
– jzad77, 12/16/15
It was a pleasure to work with Zach on our mortgage loan. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was very responsive with my many many questions. Thanks again Zach. I highly recommend him!
– Aaron, 12/8/15
I contacted Zach after reading positive reviews on the website. Being my first home purchase, I was a bit nervous and lacking in knowledge. The decision to work with Zach was definitely the right one. Zach was extremely responsive and willing to communicate in whatever way was most convenient for me (phone, email, text). I may have been able to get a better rate through my bank, but didn’t even bother after seeing how quick he was to respond and also the great advice he provided. There was nothing negative about the experience and would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage.
– b mock3, 12/7/15
Zach went above and beyond my expectations. He made the home buying process as smooth as he possibly could. Any inconveniences that came up he quickly resolved. I would highly recommend him.
– jbh3z, 11/30/15
I was very impressed with Zach’s work. He was extremely helpful and informative. He made a stressful, but exciting, situation run smoothly. I will definitely be referring him to my friends and family.
– Kimberly, 11/23/15
Zach was great to work with. This was my first time purchasing a home. Zach communicated with me through the entire process, answering my nonstop questions and making sure I understood what was going on and what the next steps were as we went through it all. Highly recommend!
– jnredford, 11/4/15
Zach is a true professional and is very personable. We were so impressed with him during our first experience working with him that we automatically went back to him when we decided to refinance to a lower rate. He is very helpful and kept me updated almost daily as we went through the approval process. I have recommended others to him and will continue to do so.
– pumpkinwelch, 9/30/15
Very professional and very helpful. He was always there to answer my questions, Great feeling as a first time buyer. For example he called me at at 7:45pm to answer a question i had!
– Andre, 9/29/15
Zach was up front with me the whole time even when it wasn’t good news.. always communicated.. He always gave good advice and made the process very clear and transparent. there was a delay due to IRS which was completely out of his control, but checked in with me daily until transcripts were received.
– ssadows, 9/28/15
Zach was so helpful through every step of the process. He kept me informed of every change, and stayed on top of everything in the mortgage process. I would often get emails or texts updating me about where we were in the process, and let me know if there was anything I needed to send in or address. Also, once you close, he sends yummy cupcakes.
– Laura, 8/31/15
Zach was very helpful in getting a mortgage together for my first home purchase. He made sure to get as much done as possible early in the process, and it really made things run very smooth as things got closer to closing. He is very friendly and took a lot of the stress out of purchasing my first home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a house!
– Brian, 8/31/15
I want to give Kudos for Zach Spencer. Zach is a true professional that shows he really cares about his clients and is only a phone call or a text away for any questions. I know we sure had a lot 🙂 We thank you Zach for all your hard work and will for sure be recommending you to family and friends.
– Nat, 8/13/15
I’ve known Zach for several years and have always found him to be the consummate professional, always willing to help, very focused on the customer’s best interests, highly ethical, extremely knowledgeable of the industry with the ability to communicate to his clients on their level and focused on the big picture so there are no surprises down the road. My real estate agent couldn’t believe that there were no hiccups with our closing and that was due to the work that Zach did on the front end with me to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend Zach to my friends and family without any hesitation and 110% confidence that he will come through for them just as he did for us.
– user7432, 8/5/15
Zach and team have been instrumental in helping us navigate the world of home mortgages for several years now. Zach has been honest and upfront from day one. He kept us informed of every step along the way -even when he was off on vacation he had his team working with us daily to make sure everything was inline to close timely. I feel that Zach is trustworthy, incredibly knowledgeable, and very responsive and would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to finance a new home or refinance a current home.
– Alan, 7/29/15
Very informative and has great attention to detail, and he also makes sure you understand what he is explaining to you.Very specific on deadlines and what paperwork was needed at that exact time. Very respectful and professional.Would refer him to anyone.
– Ryan, 6/30/15
Zach did a wonderful job with our first home buying process! He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our MANY questions. He explained everything so perfectly which provided for a smooth home purchase process. We will definitely recommend him to friends and family! Thanks again, Zach!
– user81455, 6/16/15
Zach was very helpful during my home buying process. He was very responsive to my questions and provided me with helpful feedback very quickly. He was always very courteous and mindful of my schedule. I would definitely recommend working with Zach if you want a helpful, professional experience.
– ladyvolsfan24, 6/15/15
Zach was very easy to work with and kept me updated at all times. Whenever I sent a question to him, he responded almost immediately. The entire process was pain free, and I’d gladly work with him again! Thanks Zach.
– Doug, 6/11/15
Zach made the entire refinancing process so easy from beginning to end. He was extremely helpful and always happy to answer any of my questions. He was friendly and knowledgable. Zach made closing a wonderful experience as well. I have and will continue to recommend Zach and Accurate Mortgage to family and friends.
– zuser0724, 6/3/15
Best experience I’ve had. Every question always answered, even late night query. When the buyer if my house loan officer was over whelmed. He called them to make sure we wouldn’t lose our chance at our next house. Above and beyond I say.
– zuser2015, 5/27/15
I worked with Zach on the refinance of my home and it was a great experience. Zach has the knowledge to put you in the right mortgage product, and also has the right personality to go with his trade. Zach is a lender who will be able to help you with any of your mortgage needs. I would highly recommend him.
– bdmccaleb, 5/27/15
I recently bought my first home and could not be more pleased with my experience. Zach and his team were incredibly organized and efficient which provided for a smooth home purchase process. I will certainly be recommending him in the future.
– Denton, 5/1/15
I reached out to Zach originally back in early 2013 to discuss a refinance at that time. However, we decided to hold off. Just recently we had attempted to refinance with a local bank, but I wanted to check in with Zach again due to the positive experience I had in 2013. Zach was able to offer a better set of terms and we were able to close in a matter of weeks. Zach’s attention to detail, knowledge, and personable attitude made our refinance painless. I would highly recommend Zach and most definitively reach out to him again if the event arises.
– Luke, 4/22/15
Zach was with us every step of the way, new all the answers to our questions ( which, being first time buyers, is a real help! ) and just a very friendly person. I would definitely use Zach again and recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage agent.
– Nel, 4/7/15
Zach was a pleasure to work with and did a superb job of keeping things on track. His responsiveness was impressive, as was his knowledge of the somewhat daunting process of purchasing a home. Thanks for the great work, Zach!
– Allison, 4/1/15
My experience with Zach was a truly great one. He was very thorough in helping me with my loan application and was able to help me get everything that I needed. He is the true image of a hard worker and always makes himself available when you need him.
– Drew, 2/5/15
Zach was knowledgeable about our needs and tried to help us make good decisions that fit our lives. He kept us in the loop continuously, making sure we did our part so he could do his. He made sure we understood each process along with making sure we did our part on time. We have already told some of our friends about him.
– deborra, 1/20/15
Zach is a great person to work with. He is knowledgable and willing to do what he can to help. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage loan.
– sudanb195, 10/21/14
Zach was impressive all the way around. I had several questions, doubts, and concerns since this was my first home to purchase. He was there every step of the way and did a fantastic job!
– rawlins, 10/13/14
Was available to answer any and all questions that I had throughout my refinance. Always answered my emails quickly and got everything accomplished in record time. Oh, and got my payments lowered even more than the original estimate.
– user61233, 10/13/14
Zach was extremely helpful to me though the process of buying a new home. It had been over twenty five years sense I had purchased a home, and everything has changed sense then. Zach told me what to do and what not do. He kept me informed all the time on how things were going with the loan through E-mail, Text and the phone. I will tell my family and friends that are looking to buy a new home about Zach and Accurate mortgage . Thank you Zach for your help!
– John, 8/6/14
 Zach was an absolute blessing in our home purchase process! He was able to understand a complicated purchase scenario and make it seem easy. He was fast in requesting and sharing important information and provided expert service through every step. As first time home buyers, having someone that can walk you through this process and understand your questions is very comforting. I can’t thank Zach and the Accurate Mortgage team enough for all their help!(2016) EDIT: I recently cleaned up some bad debt and my credit score was looking better than ever. I contacted Zach again to see if a refinance would be possible now. He did what he does and managed to drop me from a 30yr to a 15yr at a MUCH lower rate to where my monthly payment is nearly the same! He closed it on time, again, and made sure it was as painless as possible for me. Couldn’t be more pleased!
– user1365, 8/5/14
Zach was very quick on inquiries, provided all the information needed and followed up on any e-mails to make sure we had everything we needed. Our particular loan had a few hiccups and Zach put in a lot of effort to get us to close on the original date set even when it seemed near impossible. (He even got us a lower rate in this process!)
– Brady, 7/31/14
We all know what a pain getting a mortgage can be, but Zach tried to make it as easy as possible. Keeping me informed and up to date throughout the process and really working around my hectic work schedule. At no point did I feel like I was not being taken care of. My loan was closed in under 30 days and we are loving our new home. I can’t thank Zach and his team at Accurate Mortgage enough.
– wdickey, 7/29/14
Zach is a great guy he went to bat for us we had a very bad time getting the appraisal right but he stayed on top of it for us we never lost trust in him he was there for us at every turn he is a great man and a great employee thank you zach
– moore4me, 7/25/14
Zach did everything he said he would. He made my loan happen even when I was doubtful. I have nothing but good things to say about Zach. I will use him again.
– zuser47244, 7/24/14
Zach was incredibly helpful, patient, and diligent in helping my family get their new home. During our closing, the Title Company Officer and my Real Estate Agent both commented on how “Johnny On the Spot” Zach was with inquiries and providing information.
– zuser0403, 7/21/14
Zach was extremely helpful to us first time buyers. We had an odd time with me leaving the country mid process but he made the transition as smooth as possible and provided excellent information and advice. He was always available and even worked late for us to close on our house. Thanks to Zach we now own our first beautiful home 😀
– zuser201406, 6/5/14
Zach was extremely patient and courteous. He explained everything and provided me a level of comfort throughout this process. He was knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and ensured I knew all aspects of the refinance process. I would recommend Zach to anyone searching for a pleasant individual able to handle all your real-estate needs.
– erl4068, 6/4/14
I decided to make a major change in my life, and that was to move from CA to TN. With the help of Zach Spencer, I was able to obtain my goal. With his knowledge and guidance, both by him and my real estate agent, it was a successful move. Zach kept me informed with texts, phone calls and videos. He was a hands on mortgage specialist. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends!
– foreman, 4/14/14
My experience refinancing with Accurate Mortgage and more specifically Zach Spencer could not have been better. Working with Zach has been great and I would highly recommend him to others looking to refinance or just check out the possibility of refinancing.
– user457, 2/13/14
Zach did an excellent job keeping me informed throughout the process. Even when we encountered a problem with the type of loan my wife and I wanted he was on top of it. He made sure we knew what was going on every step of the way. I knew that if I ever had questions I would get a near immediate response from Zach. When I need a mortgage again in the future Zach will be they guy I go to.
– user9720, 2/13/14
Zach was great to work with! He went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of and what we agreed on happened in a timely manner. I would recommend working with him to anyone!
– aserrett01, 2/13/14
My wife and I refinanced in April 2013. Zach was excellent to work with. He communicated with us exactly everything that was going on during the whole process, which only took 2 weeks. It was easily the best experience we have had in a mortgage or refinance situation. After closing, Zach made sure we had all of his contact information and told us to contact him if we ever have any questions or concerns. I know we could call him today and he would not hesitate to help us in any way we needed. He is extremely good at his work and very professional. I would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone seeking to refinance or purchase real estate.
– ricky, 2/13/14
Zach listened to our needs thoroughly, made recommendations to us and closed the deal. He was clear with information and delivered in the time frame promised. My wife and I are very pleased with the mortgage solution provided.
– mg sikora, 2/11/14
I would give Zach my highest possible recommendation. He helped me to refinance at a wonderful low rate knocking several percentage points off the rate and saving me over $100k in mortgage interest. I was able to go from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan for very close to the same monthly payment. In summary, he saved my family over 100 thousand dollars, we will own our home free and clear in half the time for about the same monthly payment. I was apprehensive about the process because I had friends who tried to refinance with other companies and endured a lengthy process, but Zach was able to efficiently and seamlessly help me refinance in about 3 weeks start to finish. I would strongly recommend Zach Spencer to anyone who is considering refinancing their home.
– Evan, 2/10/14
Zach did a great job of getting everything together, and talking us through the whole process very quickly. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with a home loan.
– hyden, 2/10/14
A few years ago we were looking to refinance our home to secure a lower interest rate. A family member, who had used Zach Spencer before, suggested we contact him and see what kind of rate was available. We called him and he returned our call very promptly. We told him what we would like to do regarding a refinance. At that time our interest was slightly over 6%. He sat down with us and we reviewed our finances and he was able to get us a rate of just about 4.5%. This was most attractive to us and we refinanced through his company.During the entire process, he was very professional and he took a personal interest in our being satisfied.
– gclark, 2/10/14