a lot like you but with a passion for home financing.

The great thing about a record album is that you can learn a lot about the band by reading the liner notes that come with it. This page is sort of like the liner notes for us.


Now, officially, Accurate Mortgage Group is a division of Acopia, LLC, which is a locally owned and operated mortgage lender in Middle Tennessee. But, really, we’re pretty much like you. Many of us grew up in this area and, those who didn’t, are quick to say how happy they are to have moved here. We’re proud to say that we live and work in the same areas we serve.


We’re experts in our industry but our sole focus is on helping those around us to have the best experience possible when going through the mortgage process. Being local and having our managers in the office every day gives us a distinct advantage that other mortgage companies simply cannot provide. It allows us to provide personalized service that gets you to the closing table quickly.


We know each person’s situation is different and we work hard to get every client approved, regardless of past history. Although we can’t promise everyone will qualify for a loan right away, if there’s a way to get you there in the future, we’ll find it. Our loan advisors are trained on the most current mortgage programs available and work as a team to provide attainable solutions for our clients.


Purchasing a home is typically the single largest investment a person will make. And refinancing a home at the right time is important for long-term financial security. We’ve taken great care to make sure the team you’ll work with at Accurate Mortgage Group will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make informed decisions, while also walking you through the entire loan process from start to close.


People come from all over to this region, following their passion. Every time we help someone achieve their dream of financially responsible home ownership, we’re following our passion, too.