“Pre-qualified” and “Pre-approved” are terms often associated with home mortgages.  You may think they are essentially the same thing, but they are NOT as there is more involved to get pre-approved for a mortgage!  If you have been pre-qualified by another mortgage company, that means they have given you a decision based on limited and unverified information regarding your income and assets.  This gives you a starting ballpark range for a loan, but the dollar amount you may be loaned is not binding to an underwriter who ultimately has to approve the loan.


If you are “Pre-approved”, your information has been verified and you can be sure that you meet the requirements for a specific loan at a specific amount.  This allows you to shop for a home in a specific price range with the confidence that you will be able to get the loan if you make an offer.  This is very attractive to sellers because they know that if they accept your offer, you will be able to close the deal quickly.  Accurate Mortgage Group definitely recommends pre-approving clients as they begin the search for the perfect home.  Most loans are closed in 21 days with a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate.


Get Started today:

  1. Talk to a Loan Professional at Accurate Mortgage about the loan program options.
  2. Complete a signed application with all required documentation for underwriter review.
  3. Once your information has been reviewed, a conditional Pre-approval letter will be sent to you.  There may be conditions to the pre-approval letter so pay close attention to the specifics of the letter.