Get pre-qualified to help you choose the best loan program


The process of refinancing is similar to the process of purchasing a home, so you will be familiar with many of the steps involved.  The two keys to making a refinance successful are:

  1.  Your current credit status
  2. The current value of your property

Your credit will again be reviewed by an underwriter, who will make the decision on approval of the loan program.  It can be very beneficial if you have improved your credit rating since purchasing your home.  The underwriter will also be looking at the current value of your home, in relation to the amount of money you want to finance.

Get Started today:

  1.  Talk to a Loan Professional at Accurate Mortgage Group about the loan program options.
  2. Complete a signed application with all required documentation for underwriter review.
  3. Once your information has been reviewed, a conditional Pre-approval letter will be sent to you.  There may be conditions to the pre-approval letter so pay close attention to the specifics of the letter.