Troy Bielicki
Sr. Mortgage Loan Advisor

NMLS #1486574


Branch Location: Cool Springs/Franklin, TN
Branch NMLS: 1626722


Call: 615.724.7828

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I’m from Centreville, VA, but I’ve lived in a few fast-growing, metropolitan areas of the country, including Northern Virginia, San Diego and, now, Nashville. In my opinion, the best aspect about living in Nashville is the inviting nature of the people here. It was nice to feel welcomed when my wife and I moved here back in 2011 but I truly didn’t realize how essential that quality would be until I started to raise a child here. Now I know that it makes all the difference.


It’s wonderful how everybody seems to help others here. I love that because it’s similar to what I really enjoy about being in the mortgage industry. I see every person I talk to during my workday as another opportunity to help someone better their life. Sometimes, that’s done by working with them to purchase their first home, or maybe just a new home in a different area of town. Other times, it’s done by helping a client with financing to renovate their current home, or even by helping someone consolidate their debts to put them and their family in a better financial situation.


Each person has their own unique situation and it’s getting to the heart of the matter that’s my specialty. I’m proud to say that my nearly 10 years in the mortgage industry has enabled me to harness the skill of simplifying the mortgage process so that I may put my clients at ease while guiding them through the mortgage process and eliminating any potential “headaches” along the way. I’m also a very good listener – a trait that’s just as imperative when determining my clients’ goals as it is when I’m engaging with my family at home. (And, no, my wife did not write that last sentence.)


When I’m not working with my clients, my main focus is on my wife and daughter, and I strive every day to provide the best life possible for them. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy maintaining my lawn and playing basketball with friends at the gym, both of which seem to be a constant battle in their own, satisfying way.


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