Holiday Decorations

Decorating to Dazzle the Neighborhood: What Homeowners Have Done for the Holidays

Sometime around the end of November, a strange phenomenon occurs. The orange and yellow wreaths start coming down while lights, animatronic deer, and inflatable snow globes take their place throughout the neighborhood. Knowingly or otherwise, you’re caught up in the middle of a polite contest to win the holiday season. 

But how do the Joneses keep doing it year after year? And what will it take to throw your name into the tall red hat for the most festive homeowner? 

At Accurate Mortgage, we know how much pride you take in your home and in the holidays. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you an edge with these top trends in holiday decor.

Go Big

For the last decade or so, going big during the holiday season meant having the largest, loudest, most hard-to-ignore inflatable on your lawn. But playing by the old rules limits your margin for victory. This year, there’s a new king in outsized holiday decor: massive ornaments.

As bright and inviting as their tree-bound counterparts, these gigantic lawn ornaments make the kind of wonderland statement that turns heads and inspires awe among the ranks of the homeowners association. One giant ornament is enough to set your lawn apart from the pretenders, but two or three arranged together can put your house on the map for the traditional cruise around the subdivision.

Diversify Your Light


Trying to win the holiday season with more string lights turns the contest into a game of numbers. Your neighbor puts up 600, so you put up 800. Meanwhile, a guy down the street puts up 1,200 string lights and you’re suddenly out of the running. It’s time to diversify your lighting methods by introducing a little chaos into the certainty of your rivals.

Why limit your light sources when you could incorporate projectors instead? Full of preprogrammed light shows, animation, numerous festive patterns, and smart app capabilities, holiday projectors liberate festive lights from eaves and gutters for a more alluring holiday spectacle! 

Light up the front of your house like the arctic sky itself with only a carefully concealed tripod this holiday season.



LED Sculptures

While bright sculptures may feel like a step behind inflatables, recent advancements in LED technology and a new range of options make this trend worth returning to. A few years ago, you’d be lucky to find anything more than a wicker deer lifting and lowering its head. These days, LED sculptures come in all shapes and sizes.

From twinkling, LED willow trees to playful penguins, Santa’s sleigh to candy-striped signs, there are hundreds of ways to make your LED sculptures feel personal, powerful, and provocative. Find LED sculptures to fit your region, hobbies, sports fandom, and more this holiday season! The more personal your decorations are, the more they’ll get noticed!


Keeping the Holidays Bright

After spending more time than usual in our homes these last two years, it’s time to turn those homes into beacons of hope. After all, during the holiday season, “winning” means simply “giving back”. Together, we can be a part of the magic that holds communities together and inspires wonder in all.

Up your holiday decorating game this season and watch your neighborhood transform into a winter wonderland!

Upping your holiday decorating game with Accurate Mortgage

At Accurate Mortgage, we know firsthand the pride homeowners have. Homeownership is absolutely something to be proud of and decorating for the holidays makes the magic of homeownership accessible to everyone. To get into a home of your own by the next holiday season, contact Accurate Mortgage for lending and refinancing options! Visit us online to get your mortgage rate quote or give us a call today at (615)833-0456!