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Using Mortgage Calculators to Estimate Your Mortgage Budget

Using Mortgage Calculators to Estimate Your Mortgage Budget One of the first questions homeowners and home buyers ask before they refinance or purchase a home is: Can I afford it? Although this seems like a fairly straightforward question,… Read More

Consider Pre-Approval for Refinancing

New Year, New Rates: Consider Pre-Approval for Refinancing The global economy can impact the price of a single home — and as you might have noticed lately, insecurity abroad and falling oil prices have changed the way money… Read More

Middle Tennessee Homeowner’s Checklist for 2016

Middle Tennessee Homeowner's Checklist

In the first month of a new year, we bet you’re getting out a fresh calendar and making plans for positive change in 2016. We’re excited to help some first-time and previous homeowners purchase or refinance the house… Read More

Meet Mike Hoover, Accurate Mortgage Group President

As the president of Accurate Mortgage, Mike Hoover isn’t just a leader — he’s a visionary. “I started this company because I wanted to create a different kind of mortgage experience for customers,” he says. “When we started… Read More

Merry Christmas From Accurate Mortgage

The team at Accurate Mortgage Group wants to wish all of our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and happy new year. It’s been an exciting year of growth for our company and we’re thrilled to have helped… Read More

Buying Your First Brentwood or Nashville Home

buying a home

5 Steps to Buying Your First Brentwood or Nashville Home Looking to buy your first home in Brentwood or Nashville, Tennessee? Not only can the task of finding a home in these unique geographic markets be challenging —… Read More

How Much House Can I Afford to Buy?

buying a new home

Determining “how much house can I afford to buy?” is probably one of the most emotional questions a homebuyer will ever ask themselves. But it’s probably one of the easiest questions to answer. The key is to gather… Read More

Choosing A Local Mortgage Lender

Accurate Mortgage Group Knows Nashville. As one of the leading local mortgage and refinance lenders, Accurate Mortgage Group is ready to serve you. With our team of local loan officers, Accurate Mortgage Group knows Nashville. And when it… Read More

4 Things to Look for In a Mortgage Loan Officer

For most people, buying a home is the largest purchase you’ll ever make. Which is why it makes sense to work with someone who knows the ropes. In most cases, this means finding a loan officer to help… Read More

3 Things to Do Before You Refinance

Wondering if a refinance of your mortgage is in your future? Well before you jump on that bandwagon, there are a few things you’ll want to do first. First, have you done your research? The primary reason most… Read More