Maribeth Strickland
Sr. Mortgage Loan Advisor

NMLS #1646416


Branch Location: Cool Springs/Franklin, TN
Branch NMLS: 1626722


Call: 615.724.7867

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NOTE: Licensed mortgage loan originator in Tennessee (#140612) and Mississippi (#1646416).


As much as I love to travel, I always appreciate coming home. I’ve found that being able to come back to a house one owns evokes an entirely different feeling than just returning to someplace you’re renting. The pride associated with homeownership is not something one person can explain to another. It’s a first-hand experience. The fact that my job allows me to help others experience that pride for themselves is what inspires me to do what I do.


I was born and raised and even attended college in Hattiesburg, MS. It’s a wonderful place to grow up and I’ll always feel tied to it as my hometown, but since moving to Nashville to pursue a career opportunity, now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The growth that the city is experiencing is for good reason and it’s inspiring to be a part of it.


One of the things I like best about Accurate Mortgage Group is our user-friendly loan process. Whether I’m meeting with a client in person because they want to hand-sign their documents, or working with a tech-savvy client who wants to handle every step digitally, we can do that. This approach makes the loan process accessible to every kind of borrower and allows me to get to know my clients on their terms, which is the only way I’d ever want to make that connection.


Since obtaining home financing to buy or refinance a home is something most people only deal with a few times (if even that many) in their lives, many borrowers feel anxious, confused and intimidated by all that the process entails. I pride myself on being able to take the stress out of the experience by listening to my clients, identifying any potential obstacles up front, presenting them with all the options that would work for their specific needs and then guiding them through the entirety of the process. Making myself available for my clients is my number one priority. I am their advisor and advocate from beginning to end.


In my downtime, I can usually be found camping, hiking or exploring all the entertaining activities that abound in Nashville and the surrounding areas. And because it’s almost impossible to keep my wanderlust at bay, making plans to see how people in other parts of the world live is always on my agenda.


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