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Nashville Home Buying Guide: Your Top Mortgage Questions Answered!

Welcome, Nashville home buyers! Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned investor, navigating the mortgage process can feel overwhelming. At Accurate Mortgage, we understand your concerns. In this Nashville Home Buying Guide, we’ll tackle the most frequently asked questions about mortgages in Nashville, empowering you to make informed decisions on your home buying journey.

Top Nashville Mortgage FAQs

1. How much down payment do I need?

Nashville, like most areas, offers various mortgage options with varying down payment requirements. 

Conventional Loans: Typically require a minimum down payment of 5%, however at least 20% is needed to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI), which is an additional monthly fee paid by borrowers with a down payment of less than 20%. However, there are first time homebuyer programs that only require a 3% down payment, though they will also have PMI.

  • FHA Loans: Designed for first-time homebuyers or those with lower credit scores, FHA loans allow a minimum down payment of 3.5%. However, they come with mortgage insurance premiums (MIP), which are similar to PMI but may differ in structure and cost.

Government-backed Loans:

  • VA Loans: Offered to eligible veterans and active military personnel, VA loans require no down payment. These loans offer several benefits, including competitive interest rates and lenient credit score requirements.USDA Loans: Designed for rural areas, USDA loans can offer 0% down payment options for qualified borrowers meeting income limits.
  • Qualifying for specific loan types: Certain loan programs, like FHA or VA loans, may have specific down payment requirements or limitations.


Tips for Determining Your Down Payment:

    • Consult a mortgage professional: They can analyze your financial situation and recommend a down payment strategy that aligns with your goals and affordability.
    • Consider using online mortgage calculators: These tools can help you estimate your monthly payments and potential savings based on different down payment scenarios.
    • Don’t deplete your emergency savings: While a larger down payment can offer benefits, it’s equally crucial to maintain a healthy emergency fund for unforeseen expenses.


Remember, the “ideal” down payment ultimately depends on your individual circumstances, risk tolerance, and long-term financial goals. By understanding the options available and seeking professional guidance, you can make an informed decision about the right down payment amount for your Nashville home purchase.

2. What are the current mortgage rates in Nashville? Rates are constantly fluctuating, so it’s crucial to stay updated. We recommend calling your loan advisor and asking to be put on their rate watch email or consulting a local mortgage lender like Accurate Mortgage for the most accurate and personalized rates.

3. Do I need to get pre-qualified before house hunting? Absolutely! In fact, you could say that it’s the most important point of our Nashville home buying guide. Prequalification gives you a clear picture of your affordability range, making your search more efficient and placing you in a stronger position when making offers. Once you know what your budget is, you can start searching for the perfect nashville home at sites like realtracs.com. Click here to start your pre approval process.

4. What type of mortgage is right for me? This depends on your individual circumstances. Let’s explore options like fixed-rate mortgages, offering stability with a constant interest rate.

Types of Mortgages

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages: These are the most popular choice for many and offer the greatest stability. Here are some common terms:
    • 15-year Fixed: A shorter term, ideal if you can afford the higher monthly payments to pay off your mortgage sooner and benefit from lower overall interest costs.
    • 30-year Fixed: This is the classic mortgage term with more manageable monthly payments compared to a 15-year. However, you’ll pay more interest over the longer term.FHA Loans: Backed by the Federal Housing Administration, they offer flexibility for buyers with lower credit scores and smaller down payments (minimum of 3.5%). Keep in mind that FHA loans typically come with mortgage insurance premiums.


  • VA Loans: If you are an eligible veteran or active-duty military member, VA loans provide excellent benefits, including no down payment requirements and competitive interest rates.
  • USDA Loans: Designed for those looking to purchase in designated rural areas, USDA loans can offer favorable terms and potentially no down payment requirements for income-qualifying borrowers.

How to Decide: Factors to Consider

  • Long-term plans: If you intend to stay in your Nashville home for many years, a fixed-rate mortgage assures a predictable monthly payment and protection against interest rate hikes.
  • Financial Situation: Assess your down payment capabilities, income stability, and credit score. These will impact your eligibility for specific loan types. Check your credit to buy a home in Nashville here.

Get Personalized Guidance

At Accurate Mortgage, we’re committed to navigating you through the wide range of mortgage options. Contact us at accuratemtg.com to explore the best fit for your Nashville homeownership dreams, whether it’s a fixed-rate mortgage or a government-backed loan.

  1. What closing costs should I expect in Nashville? Nashville’s average home price in January 2024 was $570,00. Closing costs typically range from 2-5% of the loan amount and can vary depending on various factors. Ask your loan advisor for an estimated closing cost sheet upfront to avoid surprises.

Be a confident Buyer

Remember, a well-informed buyer is a confident buyer. At Accurate Mortgage, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the mortgage process smoothly and efficiently. This Nashville home buying guide is just the first step! Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s turn your Nashville homeownership dream into a reality!


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