Smyrna Residential Market Update

Christmas lights hung on the neighborhood houses, cookies baking in the oven, and the holiday decorations available for purchase everywhere you look can convince any consumer to make the purchase and become a homeowner. Purchasing a home during the peak holiday season has many benefits for first-time home buyers. You not only benefit from low-interest rates provided by your Smyrna loan officers, but you also benefit from shopping during a less popular time of year. By purchasing a home now, you do not have to feel like you need to quickly make a decision because the wintertime is not traditionally referred to as the peak homebuying season. This means you can relax and take your time viewing different properties until you find your dream home.

So, to help you get started in the home buying process, your local Smyrna mortgage lender with Accurate Mortgage Group has listed the most current market update for the Smyrna area.

Smyrna Residential Market Update

According to the market statistics available on, the median listing price for all property types has been consistently getting more expensive since 2015. By December 2015, the median price listed was $199,900 and increased 12.6% to $225,000 by December 2016. One year later the median price of homes on the market was $256,000, which is approximately a 14% increase in price since the year prior. The current median listing price for December 2018 is $289,900, which is a 13% increase since 2017 and is about a 45% increase over the past three years.

Smyrna loan officers are expecting the listing prices of homes to continue getting more expensive in the near future. This means it will financially be in your best interest to lock in a rate now with your lender to avoid paying more down the road.

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The Smyrna region is an excellent place to settle down and purchase a home. If you would like to receive more information on the current market update or if you would like to begin your application to become a homeowner, please contact the Accurate Mortgage Group team at 615-833-0456.